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Vi-PRO folded hand towels is one of the most hygiene and cost effective solutions for offices and public places. It takes only 1-2 sheets to dry your hands and gives a superior feeling of comfort away from home. 

Folded hand towels are compact and absorbent towels that have been specifically folded for easy dispensing and use. They are an excellent alternative to traditional stacked or rolled towels, providing a more organized and hygienic solution. They are used in various settings such as public restrooms, hospitality, healthcare, food service, and educational institutions.

There are 3 types of them: C-fold, Z-fold, and V-fold. Here are their main features and the difference between each other.
1. C-Fold Hand Towels:
- Shape: Resemble a "C" when unfolded.
- Dispensing: Fit into C-fold dispensers, one towel is pulled out at a time.
- Advantages: Controlled dispensing, neat appearance in the dispenser.
2. Z-Fold Hand Towels:
- Shape: Connected in a zig-zag pattern, unfold into rectangular towels.
- Dispensing: One-by-one dispensing, space-efficient packing.
- Advantages: User-friendly, saves space.
3. V-Fold Hand Towels:
- Shape: Resemble a "V" when seen from the top.
- Dispensing: Fit into V-fold dispensers, one towel partially presented at a time.
- Advantages: Hygienic, easy to refill.
Choose C-fold for controlled dispensing, Z-fold for user-friendliness and space-saving, and V-fold for hygiene and easy refilling. Each type serves the primary purpose of hand drying effectively.
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Dimensions: 25*22cm & 22*21

Sleeve count: 16*200 & 12*200

Carton Volume: 3200 & 2400

Colour: white | green | blue

FSC Paper

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Screenshot 2023-05-03 094951.png


Dimensions: 22*21 cm

Sleeve count: 15*200

Carton Volume: 3000

Colour: white

FSC Paper

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Screenshot 2023-05-03 094951.png

1-ply & 2-ply

Dimensions:  25*22cm

Sleeve count: 12*200

Carton Volume: 2400

Colour: white | green | blue

Recycled & FSC Paper

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